SHIP TO YOU: Britt's Pickle-ator Pack


SHIP TO YOU: Britt's Pickle-ator Pack


Britt’s Home Fermentation Kit, aka Britt’s Pickle-ator, has everything you need to start fermenting at home. All you need to add are the veggies and some TLC!


1/2 gallon wide mouth canning jar

  • 1 reusable lid, 4" rubber gasket

  • 4" metal canning lid

  • 1 three-piece airlock

  • 3 ceramic tile weights

  • 1 package sea salt

  • 5 Spice packets- 2 IPO flavor , 2 Spicy flavor, 1 Ginger Pepper flavor

  • Fermentation Instruction booklet with recipes

  • 4oz jar kimchi paste

  • Recipes with how to use your kimchi in everyday cooking

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Britt’s Pickle-ator, Home Fermentation Kit