What’s so different about naturally fermented pickles?

Most modern day pickles (the shelf-stable brands that you find on the grocery store shelves) are processed using vinegar and calcium chloride, cooked under extreme heat and then pasteurized. This causes the cucumbers to lose most of their Vitamin C and enzymes and kills off the healthy bacteria which aid digestion, fight disease and provide amazing flavor. 

Unlike any pickle available today our raw live culture foods are brought to fruition in handmade oak barrels!

Instead of using vinegar, we use natural fermentation. Oak barrels are perfect containers for fermenting foods. The natural tannins in the wood help lower the pH of the brine, which in turn helps the lactic acid bacteria take over and preserve the vegetables.

The rich rewards inherent in nature!

The unique process of fermenting vegetables using lactic acid bacteria, which has been used for thousands of years, allows Britt’s Pickles to retain the rich rewards of the natural enzymes and vitamins in vegetables, even in the middle of winter. Natural fermentation interacts with the sugars in the cucumbers, garlic, and spices, transforming them into lactic acid & CO2.

A live culture food that is full of probiotic activity!

The term probiotic, meaning “for life” in Greek, identifies the microorganisms that support good intestinal health. Fermentation is a simple and natural process used by many ancient cultures to not only preserve food, but also to promote good digestion and improve health. Each batch of Britt’s Pickles is suffused in lactic acid brine for up to three weeks and fresh-packed to order.

Cukes in the barrel, ready to become pickles


Kimchi in the barrel

Preserved lemons

Preserved lemons