Britt's Pickle-ator



Home Fermentation Kit

Why make fermented foods?

The era of science that taught us that bacteria are bad is giving way to a new, more complex view, one that incorporates beneficial bacteria as a necessary part of our health and well-being on this planet. Acidification of food is a brilliant form of preservation. Correctly fermented vegetables are the safest foods on this earth. They have a low pH which kills all the bugs that are bad for us, leaving only those bugs that are welcomed by our equally acidic gut.

L.A.B. Fermentation creates foods with beneficial enzymes, b-vitamins, Omega-3 fatty acids, and various strains of probiotic bacteria, which our bodies need for digestion and assimilation of food nutrients. Medical studies confirm that eating probiotic rich foods supports one’s overall health. Doctors and nutritionists recommend eating a portion of fermented foods on a daily basis to help maintain the balance of bacteria in our digestive systems.

At Britt’s we believe if they taste really good you will eat them! So get ready- you can make these foods too! Britt’s Pickle-ator contains most everything you need to start fermenting your vegetables at home. All you add are high quality, fresh produce and clean pure water.

Britt's Pickle-ator kit contains:

  • 1/2 gallon wide mouth canning jar
  • 1 plastic lid with hole and rubber grommet
  • 4" rubber gasket
  • 4" metal canning lid
  • 1 three-piece airlock
  • 2 ceramic tile weights
  • 1 package sea salt
  • 1 IPO flavor packet, this is a traditional pickling spice blend
  • 1 Spicy flavor packet, we added some chilies and other spices to the IPO blend

Britt’s Pickle‑ator is a great family project, from selecting the recipe, collecting the ingredients, watching the ferments, to eating the pickles. It will demonstrate a very important part of the life cycle. If the Pickle‑ator has a mission – it is to make fermentation a part of your life.