Hand-Cut Kimchi

Our Motto:

“Our Products speak for themselves”. 

We think the word “Kimchi” is a verb – it’s what you do to vegetables. Our Kimchi products start out with traditional ingredients such as Napa cabbage, green onions, garlic, ginger and red chili flakes. And then we add a variety of other possibilities, such as carrots, onions, apples and oranges, toasted sesame oil, Black Garlic, and other unique ingredients. The results are great tasting variations of kimchi.

“Son-mat” is a Korean term that translates to “Hand taste” and refers to the caring touch put into food preparation. Since a Napa cabbage cutter costs $150,000 we will probably be hand cutting our cabbage for some time to come. 

Market Kimchi

Our Market Kimchi is made with cabbage, broccolini, carrots, apples, oranges, lemons and more! A little bit spicy!

Black Market Kimchi

A variation on our Market Kimchi, containing our wonderfully aromatic black garlic.

White Kimchi

Napa cabbage fermented with baby dill and organic carrots and scallions. Made without chili pepper, its is enjoyed for its mild refreshing taste. Great for the spicy food cautious people and big favorite at our Pike Place store and local Farmers Markets.

Kimchi Pickle Bites

One of our creative fermenters had the idea of combining bite sized pieces of our full-flavored pickles with our rich kimchi sauce and the result has been swooned over at our Pike Place and Farmers Markets ever since.

Britt's Hot Kimchi Sauce

Our sauce has a slightly spicy, smoky taste that is superb as a sauce or marinade for various meats and vegetables.  Bring your bloody mary to a new level!  Add to rice, pasta, vegetables, eggs or simply a bowl of soup!