Barrel-cured Sauerkraut

Our Motto:

“Our Products speak for themselves”. 

To make a great tasting sauerkraut you need to start with fresh cabbage, organically grown. When we shred the cabbage we make a thin cut to achieve a traditional texture and expose more of the cell structure. We mix all the ingredients and pack our oak barrels by hand. The cabbage ferments for weeks at a controlled temperature. When we decide that a barrel is “done” we move it into our cooler to hold it at its peak of flavor. The result is a great tasting, nutritious sauerkraut.

You know you have a great product when your regular customers, stop at your Farmer’s market booth and promote your sauerkrauts to new customers who are sampling for the first time.

Caraway Kraut

Traditional sauerkraut, simply made with cabbage, caraway seed, and salt. Delicious.

Curry Kraut

Sauerkraut with the addition of fresh, earthy turmeric and cumin.

Pinot Noir Kraut

Fermented with Pinot wine, onion, and toasted fennel.  This sauerkraut has a robust fruity flavor with cherry and currant notes. Awesome with charcuterie or grilled Italian sausages! Yum...

Riesling Wine Kraut

This Sauerkraut is fermented with onions and Riesling wine. The result is an elevated flavor. Delicate and floral, reminiscent of sweet spring flowers.  A great pairing with light white meat sandwiches or Bratwurst.